Welcome to the 9th episode of the podcast!

In this episode we talk about jobs, the transition from university to our first jobs and what we learnt in that exercise.

The episode was made to be a shorter one and we’d love your feedback on how do you think that went!!

Show Notes:

  • CTR: Click through Rate (Shubhankar talking about optimizing CTR at Myntra) (at 4:00)

  • Clean Code by Robert Martin is a very popular book on writing clean code. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to writing production quality code which works and is maintainable.

Always listen to Uncle Bob!

  • Cold start career algorithm: This idea can be an important tool to use when moving into a new job or a new team.

  • Amazon’s 14 leadership principles: Amazon does an amazingly good job at instilling their culture throughout their organisation (500K strong). I’ve found these principles to be very true even in my personal life and would recommend going through the list!

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Finally, thanks for taking the time and have an amazing week ahead!

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