What’s up guys, on this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we invite Ramsri Goutham on the microphone! Ramsri is one of the most optimistic entreprenuers I’ve met here in Singapore, and that goes back to his previous life in India and the States. Ramsri had a really good lifestyle in Silicon Valley where he drove a Porsche Panamera to work, but gave up all of that and came back to India to start up.

We try and dissect Ramsri’s life decisions, what strategies he took, and how he has found the entrepreneurship ecosystem across Silicon Valley, India & Singpaore. We talk about self-awareness, the anger against India, and most importantly, Bahubali! A very interesting episode on the Early Twenties, i hope this brings some value and perspective as you go about making life decisions in runtime :)

As always, let us know what you liked, what you didn’t and what you’d like to see more on the podcast! Oh, and also, feel free to find Ramsri on his Facebook or LinkedIn :)