Yo Yo Yo!

On the last two episodes of the Early Twenties podcast, we sit down with our favourite senior from Pilani, Siddharth Seth!

This is a 2-part series, one where we time-travel through his journey – from a 19 year old Seth in Kota, through his university days, running his own startup for two years in Bombay, and now as Director of Products at Koinex! In this episode we focus on how he decided to shut down Meshup, the startup he founded after leaving his job at Morgan Stanley, his learnings from it, his journey through Entrepreneur First, his decision to go back to India to join Koinex and finally the advice to his 19 year old self!!

This one really dives into his thinking process and that’s what makes it super interesting! Let us know if you’ve feedback and don’t forget to share the episode in your network!

Oh, and if you missed the first part, please check the 12th episode of the podcast!

Show Notes:

  • https://koinex.in/ Siddharth is working as Director of Product here and they are aggressively hiring across the board!
  • Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Must see Budapest ruin bars
  • Chegg.com Tutoring website Siddharth used to make some money when he decided to quit his stable Morgan Stanley job.

Tune in, these episodes are a gem! Hope you derive some value out of it, and let us know of any feedback!