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Guest episode with Mishti Khatri:

On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast we geek out over sports & fitness with Mishti Khatri, an ACSM certified trainer, pacer at Nike Run Club, currently pursuing her MSc in Sports Nutrition at the University of Huddersfield, UK. We talk about Mishti’s motivations to work in the fitness industry, her transformation story, how she curates her Instagram content and much much more!

Oh, and also, some good masala on the vegan debate ;)


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Sodhi, tu karna kya chahta hai!

We’re back with yet another free flowing podcast where the three of us catch up on life and discuss about current affairs. We talk about mental models required to think about meta questions, and we also break down Sodhi’s time-table in the pursuit of progress. Let us know feedback from the episode! Oh, and also, don’t forget to get some.

Show notes:

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Moving into the mid twenties | One Year Anniversary

Kaafi banter! This was super fun for us to record and listen to. Hope y’all enjoy this too! Keep slaying, people!

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Charting out your own path, and living a good life! | Guest episode with Abhishek Nayak

“All wounds are self-inflicted.” – Abhishek Nayak

On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we have with us serial entrepreneur & fellow Bitsian, founder of Gharpay, ClinkNow, Mobshow, BicycleAI, the one & only, Abhishek Nayak!

This episode is packed with inspiring stories – from arriving in Pilani one week early to get good internet, getting ACBs in four semesters, to founding multiple startups & recently being a part of YCombinator. A consistent theme through our conversation was growing as a person, while being thrown out of the comfort zone constantly. We talk about life, entrepreneurship, being happy, relationship advice, and a lot lot more – take out your earphones & tune in. This will be a nice two-hour ride :)

Our podcast has been on a pause for a while, treat this as Season 2; Episode 1.

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Putting yourself out there, & being okay with rejections! | Guest episode with Gargi Sharma!

You’ll get a lot of rejections, and you’ll eventually become good at handling them – and they sometime suck, but that’s the way to live life. You put yourself out there!” – Gargi Sharma

On the latest episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we sit down with Gargi Sharma and dive real real deep into everything under the sun! No seriously, we talk about Systems Programming, Universal Basic Income, Women in Tech & very interestingly, Gargi’s favorite Recurse Center! Gargi graduated with a degree in CS from Pilani in 2017, and has been working at Bloomberg since. 2019 has been her year of exploration, as she has spent six weeks at Recurse Center, and will now be a part of Addiscoder in Ethiopia later this year! We talk about all the tech conferences she’s speaking at, and how she managed to get these opportunities. We dive into the experiences women often feel in tech companies, and where the institutional problems arise from, and how reservation might solve that in the short-term future. That, and a lot more packed into this two-hour episode over drinks at Sodhi’s place!


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Taking the leap of faith! | Guest episode with digital nomads, Andy Mathews & Gaurav Chandrashekar!

It takes a lot more courage to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll just give this a shot” and that is very very important. – Gaurav

On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we sit down with Andy & Gaurav, two digital nomads who have been living the nomadic lifestyle for the better part of the last 3 years! Gaurav has now settled into a one-place lifestyle in Singapore, while Andy is still moving around every three months and is currently based out of Bali. Gaurav & Andy first met in Dojo Coworking in Bali, and then have travelled to Mexico together – all while Gaurav explored the Galapagos in Ecuador, learnt Spanish and travelled through Latin & Central America, while Andy skied in the Alps and surfed in Bali! We talk about their remote work lifestlyes, how they view the early twenties as the time to explore, discuss the not-so-good aspects of living as a nomad, and also peek into a couple crazy travel stories! The whole discussion centers around the theme of “Taking the leap”, which is good advice when it comes to skydiving, but honestly, it scales really well to almost every aspect of life! If there is one Early Twenties podcast you have to listen to, this is it! And as always, we are looking forward for your feedback(both the good & the bad!) – shoot it our way, we are @earlytwentiespodcast on Instagram!


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Let’s live befikar! | Guest Episode with Dhairik Fuletra!

We have with us Dhairik Fuletra, the founder and CEO of Befikar.

Learn how a BITS Pilani Alum, former consultant at BCG is going head to head with the biggest food brands in India in this episode.

Befikar is a food company based out of Rajkot in India. They are working on the perfect trio – food that is tasty, healthy and affordable! If you are based out of Pune or Mumbai they’ll be in a store near you early next month. Everyone else don’t worry, you’ll have them in shops near by soon too!For those who shop digitally they’ll have a store online – healthy food at your finger tips!

Stay tuned till the end for surprises.

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